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Lucy Delics is among many things a beautiful mother, sensitive soul and self taught artist originally from the uk. Painter of portals and rabbit holes, she brings you into the psychedelic worlds of her visions and archetypes, fractal patterns vibrating ancient songs... All of her pieces are imbued with heart and spirit, the pure innocence and magic making them deeply touching visual experiences. Lucy currently lives in the Peruvian andes with her family and pets, and creates art as a daily spiritual practice to make her world a better place. If you would like to purchase and original piece of art, a canvas print or make a commission please get in touch directly.

Newly released

Visionary Path Tarot by Lucy Delics

This 78 card Tarot deck designed by Lucy Delics and published by Inner Traditions is an archetypal journey into world mysticism and symbolism, featuring intricate patterns of Lucy's magical vibrations...