Expanding Creative Consciousness

We are a psychedelic couple of visionary artists who became painters after coming to Peru and discovering the vision world through shamanic practises. Remembering our childhood dreams, we made a regular practice of learning to paint, creating our own original and unique styles as we went down the path of  healing and self-exploration. We have put together this collaborative website to showcase some of our works, and open a door for you into our magical world...


Art as a family

As a young family, we open our Art to you so that you may be inspired by our work and transformational stories.

We both came from the Western world and where humbled and transformed by the power of the Peruvian culture, ancient medicines and andean landscapes that helped us fully let flow the art. 

Learning to paint from the plants themselves, we have developped our own signature styles and techniques, feel free to get in touch directly with us if you would like to buy a piece, a quality print or comission something.

The source be with you !!!

Lucy Delics

Acrylic paintings of high vibrations, unique psychedelic pop art and archaic patterns...

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Entheo Delics

Acrylic paintings of fractal landscapes, abstract surrealism and paradox contemplative...

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A portal to our community of artists and creators, and a dive into the creative spaces...

Women of visionary art

An exploration of the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, and mystical visions play in visionary art, featuring Lucy Delics among many renowned artists...


A book full of mirrors

A collection of Entheo Delics's paintings, put together by my friend Dale Forward in a comic book format..

60 pages 29.99 USD

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